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A note from Climate Creative's Director, Logan Evasco, on the Media Club:

I always feel so invigorated and inspired every month after our media club. There's something so wonderful about investigating new environmental topics with other creative, complex thinkers. The other members are always teaching me about new scientific factoids, experimental social structures, or communication techniques. I love when we disect, critique, and learn from the actual vehicle of the media itself as well and get to think, "what can I learn from this for my art, my persuasive writing, or my communication campaigns”.

📰 Recap

The topic for March's Media Club was: Zero Waste. Here's what we read and watched.

Why cities need to advance towards zero waste by C40 Knowledge Hub

Club analysis: Do you know what percentage of waste your city is successfully diverted from the landfill? You can find out here! Though this article's primary intention is to help municipal staff and lawmakers advocate for better waste diversion, we got a lot out of this as well. It's packed with useful statistics, like that 5% of the world's GHGs come from waste disposal, and particularly missorted organic food waste. This perked up the ears of our resident composting expert, Elexis Padrón. Good read? 🌎 ✅

Japan’s Town With No Waste by Great Big Story

Club analysis: This short video is touching and brings zero-waste down to individual people's stories of system and habit change. It subsequently led to a debate around the concepts of eco-efficiency vs. eco-effectiveness and reduction vs. regeneration. Also, the video's production value is excellent and it features the work of The Zero Waste Academy, a program of Zero Waste Japan which is where one of our Media Club members, Mitsu Okuno, currently works ... what a happy coincidence! Good watch? 🌎 ✅

🖍️ Logan, our founder and director, made this AMAZING visual of the meeting’s proceedings - she’s clearly living up to her ‘Climate Creative’ tag!

💻 If you missed it, you can find the recording of March’s Media Club session here. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to access more content by Climate Creative!

📅 Upcoming Events: April 2021

🖥️ Think book club, but without all the guilt. The Climate Creative Media Club is a monthly multi-media discussion group, with resources that are fast to read (well, faster than a book at least) and fun to engage with!

In April's media club on April 1st 2021 at 10 AM PST, we will be exploring Food and Agriculture!

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